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The Hybrid Editor:

This editor is made for the "more complicated stuff". On itīs timeline display the operator "sees" what he is arranging for "on-air" playback. Anything like multiple dissolves on many MEīs all at the same time or KEY IN and OUT on the fly. It handles 12 and more server channels simultaneously, multiple A-B playback with looping or multi-camera editing while recording. 

  • controls 80 devices simultaneously
    VTRs, server channels, DVEīs, Switchers and Mixers, Character generators etc.

Since 2001 it is the controller for the annual stage show "The Big Picture" from a grand german broadcaster showing his television sneak preview of the next season. (Before that, LIFT Classic was used on the "Telemesse" by several others)

Operational areas:

  • Multimedia Show Playback
  • Highlight editing,  "direct to air"
  • Multi-camera recording, scene playback

Places of work:

  • Mobile transmission units
  • Broadcast stations
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Studio control rooms
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