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The proven LIFT Classic Editor

LIFT Classic is the successful editor for the linear edit. It is used, where quick work with different media is required. From old Ampex VPRs to the latest SONY or PANASONIC HD machines, anything can be controlled. The DOS-based system is fast and durable, the adaptability to different environments makes it one irreplaceable "workhorse" - even in the age of graphic control surfaces - when processing large quantities with limited budget. The control of the EVS XT video servers allows direct access to clips and cams from the clip inventory list. LIFT can be found on many OB trucks.

Operational areas:

  • news and feature editing
  • highlight editing
  • near transmission finishing
  • copies and archives care
  • multi-camera recording, scene playback

Places of work:

  • mobile transmission units
  • broadcasting stations
  • post production, news compilation
  • multimedia presentations
  • studio control rooms