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New Features

New console version 4  with true RS422 connection, RoHS approved

The new Console version 4 has a real RS422 connection to the PC. The connection to the PC keyboard is taken away from the console to provide a more straightforward way to connect via KVM switches and hubs, especially for USB keyboards.

The new connection contains the power supply of 12V, taken from the PCI bus and down-converted to 5V allowing max. 2000 meter distance to the PC. The standard 1:1 RJ45 (CAT5) cable can be exchanged at the console after removing the 6 screws of the bottom plate. The connection cannot be made over network hubs or -switches. In the PC-side the PCI card has to be seated into a free PCI slot. The connection to one of the COM ports of the motherboard can be made via the internal COM2 (if available) using the ribbon connector, or the 9Pin to the outside COM1. Both cable types are added in the package. It also contains a PS2 10m extension cable for the existing PC keyboard for your convenience.

The Editing System detects the new console from software version 5.5 and higher.

8 channel audio insert control, also in SPLIT EDIT. 
All assignments are stored in the EDL.

With video switchers separate KEY ON, KEY OFF
with or without BKGND for up to 4 keyers plus DSK.

Selection of INSERT video or audio tracks is possible at any time, also during edit.

30 FPS DF/NDF (NTSC), 25 FPS (PAL) and native 24 FPS (CINE) editing switchable from INIT menu.

Genlock input compatible with composite sync of all standards.

Synchronize with master Slave
For Multimedia applications, with which several machines must run synchronously, a synchronized Play is now possible. In the menu <F4> master can be switched on the switch <F6> Synchronize. After setting a Master, a Slave runs when its master is started and is synchronized immediately. Also, with JOG, VARI and SHTL each Slave gets the same instructions as the Master. However, synchronicity is only restored after PLAY. (Starting from version 4.46)

With machines, which are able to do a preread, e.g. DVW5XX, it is enough to select the recorder as a player in the Edit, to activate PREREAD automatically. Since this was unwanted with some projects, a switch called <AutoPreread> was built in the mode menu. After selection of the recorder and hitting <MODE> you'll find these settings under F7. If <AutoPreread> is switched off, PREREAD can only be activated manually. Starting from version 4.3.


Starting from the version 4.4 the macro processing was improved once again: Macros now wait for the execution of Edits or Previews.

If within a macro an item is to be changed in the INIT menu, use the number of the item which appears down right in the init menu when you move to it using the jog wheel. Subsequently, you indicate the number in the macro programming <INIT> <GOTO> <ENTER> to jump to the item, then adjust it as desired.